Fun and Easy Workouts to Do with Your BFF

Embarking on a fitness journey becomes a joyful adventure when you have your best friend right there with you. Working out with your BFF is not just about breaking a sweat; it's an opportunity to strengthen your bond, share laughter, and support each other on the path to a healthier lifestyle. In this blog, we'll explore a variety of fun and easy workouts that you and your bestie can enjoy together.

The Benefits of Buddy Workouts

Beyond the physical advantages, working out together brings emotional and social perks. You'll find motivation in each other, celebrate achievements, and turn the sometimes solitary act of exercising into a shared experience that fosters a strong sense of camaraderie.

1. Partner Yoga

Pose: Tree Pose

  • Stand side by side, shoulders touching.
  • Lift one leg, placing the foot on the inner thigh or calf of the opposite leg.
  • Join hands in the air, forming a tree with your bodies.


  • Enhances balance and flexibility while fostering trust and communication. Partner yoga is an excellent way to synchronize your movements and create a sense of harmony.

2. Dance Party Cardio

Playlist: Curate a high-energy playlist featuring your favorite dance tracks.

Moves: Freestyle dance, incorporating jumps, twists, and funky arm movements.

Benefits: Beyond the obvious cardiovascular benefits, dancing is a fantastic stress-reliever and mood enhancer. You and your BFF can unleash your inner dance stars while breaking a sweat.

3. Buddy Bootcamp

Exercises: Jumping jacks, squats, lunges, and push-ups.

Format: Set a timer for each exercise (30 seconds to 1 minute) and switch with minimal rest.

Benefits: Turn your living room or backyard into a bootcamp with these classic exercises. The friendly competition will keep you both engaged, and you'll be surprised how quickly the time flies.

4. Tag Team Running

Run: Choose a scenic route or hit the treadmill.

Format: Take turns leading the run, setting the pace, and choosing the path.

Benefits: Running becomes less of a solitary activity and more of a shared adventure. The alternating leadership keeps the energy high and adds a dash of friendly competition.

5. Hula Hoop Challenge

Equipment: Grab a couple of hula hoops.

Challenge: See who can keep the hula hoop spinning the longest.

Benefits: This playful activity not only engages your core but also brings back a sense of childhood fun. Plus, it's a great way to share a few laughs.

6. Partner Planks

Plank Pose: Facing each other, come into a plank position on your elbows.

Challenge: High-five each other with alternate hands while holding the plank.

Benefits: Planks are fantastic for building core strength, and the high-fives add an element of teamwork and coordination.

7. Beach Volleyball (or Anywhere-Volleyball)

Equipment: If at the beach, use a volleyball. If not, any soft ball will do.

Game: Set up a makeshift net and enjoy a friendly game of volleyball.

Benefits: Cardiovascular exercise, teamwork, and agility. Volleyball is an excellent way to combine fitness with friendly competition.

8. Laughing Lunges

Exercise: Lunges

Challenge: Share funny anecdotes or jokes while lunging together.

Benefits: Lunges target your leg muscles while the shared laughter contributes to a positive and motivating atmosphere.

9. Wheelbarrow Races

Position: One person holds the other's ankles while they walk on their hands.

Race: Set up a course and see who can wheelbarrow walk the fastest.

Benefits: This unconventional exercise not only strengthens your core but also adds a playful element to your workout routine.

10. Paddleboarding (if available)

Activity: If near water, try paddleboarding together.

Challenge: Engage your core to stay balanced on the board.

Benefits: Paddleboarding provides a full-body workout, especially targeting your core muscles. Plus, the serene water setting adds an extra layer of enjoyment.


Incorporating fun and easy workouts into your routine with your BFF not only makes fitness enjoyable but also strengthens your friendship. From partner yoga to laughing lunges, these exercises cater to various fitness levels and interests. So, grab your best friend, break a sweat, and create a healthier and happier life together. After all, the best workout is the one you enjoy doing with a friend!