Best Ideas To Spend Free Time With Friends

Meeting friends and spending time with them is all we want in life. Sometimes we prefer to hit the cafe and eat together, sometimes we go for a movie or shopping. But what if you are having a budget crunch or not in the mood to go outside? Now, the question arises, How to spend time with friends while at home? 

Fortunately, you are at the right place. Today, we are going to give you some awesome ideas that won’t burn a hole in your pocket and still you can enjoy time with your dearest friends. Stay glued till the end, you might get something that benefits you.

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Ways To Spend Free Time With Friends

We know, you are trying to find out the best ways to spend your time with friends without going high on budget. We are sure, after reading our ideas, you won’t remain uncertain about things to do with friends. 

Bake or do cooking together

One of the best activities to perform at home when you all are together is to bake or do cooking. Cooking/baking is fun and it even gets more interesting when you are doing it with your friends. So, make cookies, or even better, go for a potluck dinner party. Call them all at your home, and make new dishes together for a dinner.

Play board games

It's time to open your old trunks box and dust off your old board games. When you play your old board games after decades of time, it will give you immense happiness and joy. So, see are you still good enough in Monopoly, or can defeat your friends in Scrabble or not. You can also play UNO or poker with your friends. It all depends on choices. 

Make Youtube videos

You have your friends with you, it is time to give a punch of creativity to this moment. Make a short movie, perform a funny act or dance and post it on Youtube. Let other people also see how crazy you can go with your friends. Moreover, you can make this a regular habit and get yourself great fame.

Go for a movie marathon

It is quite a popular way to spend a great time with your friends or alone as well. Open your Netflix and start watching movies. Watching old movie series with friends can bring lots of stuff to discuss. Furthermore, you have a chance to relive the old memories once again.

Play funny party games

Another interesting thing to pass time with friends is to play some evergreen party games together. You all are here, you can play Truth or Dare, Charades, Never Have I Ever, and many more. 

Whether you get together is of 4 friends or 10, the aforementioned ideas are the best picks to enjoy the day with your friends without spending a penny. So, what are you waiting for? It is time to dial numbers and call all your friends for a home party. 

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