Never Have I Ever Party Game

The fun and the most daring game is here. This game will get to know the participants better with some juicy information. It is a party game which and is easy to understand. This game is always a hit at any party or get-together. All you have to do is, get some friends, prepare some spicy questions and let the game do the talking. 

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The rules to play Never Have I Ever Game

The rules are easy to understand and can be played in two ways. You can select one depending on how you want to play.

  • Play it with points by using your fingers
  • Play as a party drinking game

Let me take you through the 1st pointer

  • This is a non-alcoholic version of the game that non-drinkers can easily enjoy. 
  • The players start with having 10 points each, and the game begins when one person puts out a statement which they had never done before. 
  • For example: Never have I ever peed in a swimming pool.
  • If the players have done this action, they have to fold down one finger, and if there are no players who have done the action, then the player who asked the question has to put down one of their fingers.
  • This game continues, and other participants will simultaneously put out a statement.
  • Once the player has put down their fingers, they have lost the game, and the player who still has some fingers left wins. 

You can also ask about the spicy stories behind the people who have put down their fingers. This will make the game more entertaining.

Now, let me take you through the 2nd pointer

  • This is an adult version of the game in which players have to take a sip of alcohol if they have done that thing. 
  • If any player hasn't done that action, the person who has asked the question has to drink.
  • Tip: You can have questions as spicy and generic as you want, but make sure to make many people drink. 

Questions To Use While Playing Never Have I Ever Game

Without explaining it any further, we have gathered some of the most exemplary questions that you can ask to spice up your game a bit. 

  • Never Have I ever have gone on a double date.
  • Never have I ever cheated on my girlfriend/boyfriend.
  • Never have I ever smoked a joint.
  • Never have I ever gone skinny dipping. 
  • Never have I ever pretended to lie on my resume.
  • Never have I ever had a one-nightstand.
  • Never have I ever gone months without showering.
  • Never have I ever lost money in gambling
  • Never have I ever lied about my age.
  • Never have I ever lied about my relationship status.
  • Never have I ever stolen money from my parents.
  • Never have I ever gotten busy in a car.
  • Never have I ever farted in public.
  • Never have I ever broken into someone's house.
  • Never have I ever re-gifted someone something.
  • Never have I ever set up a friend for a date.

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