Qualities of being a Good Friend

A Friend in need is a friend indeed. Friendship is something that requires constant effort and commitment. Good friends are hard to find, but treasure them when you see them. All people come with different personalities and attitudes, and you have to adjust accordingly. At the least expected times, you meet people that match your vibe and help you through your tough times. Take some moments out to celebrate your friendship and explore the beautiful side of it.

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Top Qualities Of A Good Friend

You will have many friends, but some are on your go-to list and have a higher value than others. There are some essential qualities that we look for in our best friend which make the best people in the world.

They listen to you

Best friends listen to your rant and make sure they are there for you at every point in time. It doesn't matter how much you blabber the same thing at times; they will listen to you as it is the first time. Even if they don't understand a single item, they won't utter a word.

They always have your back

No matter how much mess you create, they'll always be there to clean it out for you. You will find them behind you in every case, whether it's good or the worst. No matter how hard you fall, they'll always be there to catch you. Some people will turn their back on you when you're in trouble, but good friends will stick with you through it all.

They trust you no matter what

Trust is the building block of any relationship. It takes time to trust people, and there is no going back when you gain it. Things do not take a good turn and always go at the bottom without trust. You share your darkest secrets with them because you know they are safe and won't be out even if you lose each other.

They teach you the meaning of being happy

You are joyful, carefree, and at your best whenever you're with them. They pamper you and make you realize that happiness comes from within. They know your weak points and try to make you smile with some jokes, pranks, etc., to make you happy. They know how precious your smile is, and they'll do anything not to fade it. 

They share similar interests

There are more chances to share similar interests with them, and they accompany you wherever you plan to go. You have the same personalities, perceptions, and much more than make you vibe together. This creates a sense of feeling that you are connected to the deeper. 

They are honest and loyal. 

Good friends are always loyal to you no matter what chaos you have created. They are brutally honest with you and always make you walk on the right path. Their loyalty is beyond everything, and they will never compromise it for anything. They offer honest feedback on your actions, even if that might hurt you. 

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