What is Your Love Type?

Do you know there are various types of love? Every individual has his/her own style of loving a person. Some people are more romantic than others and then for some people, it is a duty to perform. So we can say it is a complex and powerful force that causes emotional and cognitive arousal in humans. 

Ancient Greeks categorized love into various categories. On the basis of those categories, later philosophers and psychologists shaped their studies and theories. We know you are keenly waiting to read about love styles so that you can determine yours. But, before you read further or reach any conclusion, it is important to know that it is not necessary that you possess only a single type of love. You may have a blend of different styles in you or your style can change due to various environmental stimuli. So, glued to this article till the end to know and understand what style of love you possess according to Greeks.

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Different Love Categories 


This style of love was named after the Greek God of Love, Eros. It denotes intense sensual feelings and passion towards the beloved. People who are having characteristics of Eros love can make you cross all the boundaries and they get very attached to their partner physically as well as in emotional terms. 


It is a flirtatious form of love that involves teasing, flirting, and the playful nature of a person with a partner. Ludic people often take love as a game to win. For them, committing to one partner is not much necessary. Such individuals can be great liars in their relationships and don’t feel guilty about it. People with Ludic traits form short-term relationships that are more focused on physical needs.


These are the givers. People having this trait are more likely to love unconditionally. They are caring and more concerned for their partner’s feelings. People having an Agape style of love are empathetic in nature and their love is having hints of spirituality as well. They trust their partners blindly and are always ready to forgive others.


It is friendship love. This form of love is represented by strong friendship. Philia is also of equal importance as romantic love. People having Philia traits in them make a bond with equal personality type people. They connect with those who have similar hardships in life. This style of love is beyond physicality. People are not in search of carnal needs rather love being with someone with whom they can connect on an emotional level. That is why Philia is far above other styles of love. You can say, it is a platonic relationship between two people.

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